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How it Feel When We Perform Fasting!

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How to Do Fasting-Fast?

So, This is so easy I am going to put it in points. look:-

---> Wake-up on 4:00 am and prepare a beautiful breakfast for your self. 


As You Breakfast Before Fasting, You Can Make:-


1. The Creative-Banana Smoothie.

2. The healthy-Muesli with banana, pomegranate and CruNCHy nuts inside.

3. Protein-oatmeal packed with Fruits.

4. The yummy-Fruit Salad.

5.  The Mixer- Stuffed egg paratha. etc.

or before preparing breakfast workout for the better body.


1. Take Healthy-Helps From For What To Eat Before Fasting.

2. But for Something Tasty and Delicious -

3. If you Need Something Indian and Cultureful You should peek Out here -


Further Processes - 


---> Eat everything which will full your stomach.

---> Sleep if you want or do what you want to but for starters, I recommend to sleep.

---> Wake up again at any time you want. You are Not Going to Sleep Like Me All the Day. laughing

---> You can drink water in-between but try to do not consume a single atom of food in your mouth.

---> open the fast after 12 hrs. and try not to eat too many Carbs. because it can cause a high blood sugar level.

---> These methods will help your pancreas very much.

Get all of the Essential Kit Of Diabetes-Checker. Fasting is the best Medicine You can use  - 11--benefits of Fasting.



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1 hour - You will not Be Going to feel Anything.

3 hours - Really Little amount of Hunger You will be Feeling.

4 hours- If you are Food Addict then you will Sub-consciously going to Kitchen or Opening Fridge to Get Some food. but when your Conscious brain will be activated then You Will Realize You are Fasting.

6 Hours - You will start to Get Hunger. But That is Controllable. And Your Body Toxins will start to go outside of your body.

8 hours - Your Stomach Will Sqeeze out of Hunger and You will need food.

10 hours - This Hunger will be Double of Previous Hunger and If you Bear This Then You will be Defeating Diabetes soon. You have to cross this Bridge to Visit Diabetes Prevention City.

11 Hours - Your Hunger This Time will be Uncontrollable and You will think That Only 1 hrs is left Nothing will going to Happen when I Will Quit and Eat Food. But this is Wrong, These 2 hrs are really Crucial For Your Diabetes Removal. If you bear those 1-2 hrs You will start to Get the Power of Mind Control which is Really Great and we will be Going to Talk about it soon. And in this Queue, you should Take Care of Your Blood Sugar levels whether they are At heights of At depths. 








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